Homegrown Vegan Goodness!

Serving Homegrown Vegan Fare to Happy People! Meals by reservation / Catering / Cooking Classes / Cookies

UPDATE 2018: Vegan meals by reservation are not avialable this season as we focus on the sanctuary. The Piebird gift shop has some yummy vegan soup mixes that Sherry makes, the Birdhouse Cottage has a wonderfully sunny and big (vegan) kitchen -- and be sure to make a trip to the North Star Diner (100% vegan!) in North Bay.

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Meals by reservation

The food, as an expression of our love for animals, is what excites us most here at Piebird: 100% vegan, grown & prepared with love! This is our 10th year since starting Piebird and ever since the beginning, doing up these grown-with-love vegan meals and sharing the importance of "kind-dining" has been one of our favourite parts! Come experience the joys of the vegan lifestyle!

Serving Homegrown Vegan Fare to Happy People! Our meals start in the garden, are whole-food-focused, and 100% vegan. As a nutrition consultant, vegan educator and animal rights advocate, Sherry thrives on creating kind meals with the health of our bodies and the planet in mind, showing that we can eat delicious food without any animal products involved. Yan , as a vegan garden educator, saver of seed, writer & animal rights advocate, loves to grow food for us all to eat. If you have food allergies or a special dietary request, let us know ahead of time and you will be happily accommodated.

By-reservation restaurant-style served suppers & lunches are also available to small groups. (705) 724-1144

Vegan Catering

Did you know that Piebird caters special events? We've hosted lots of different parties in our dining room or our party tent -- from weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, wellness or business retreats, and everything in between! We deliver too! Contact us to start planning your special meal! From $25-$45 per person.

By choosing Piebird you are directly supporting the animals in sanctuary at Piebird Farm Sanctuary and choosing a kinder dining option that doesn't support the cruel animal industry. Delicious, kind food! Contact Us

Vegan cooking & baking classes

Please sign up to our email list or facebook page to be the first to know about when a class is scheduled!


We've been making our Piebird Cookies for Twiggs Coffee Co in North Bay since 2008! They are an oatmeal raisin type cookie and made with whole spelt flour and sweetened only with orange juice and maple syrup -- a delicious, vegan and healthy treat! Look for our Piebird label in their display case and ask for them by name!

Watch for our catering menu to find out about cookie platters and dessert trays for your special function.

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! http://store.piebird.org/ -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!