Terms and Conditions

In respect for the sanctuary residents, the guest agrees to not bring any food items that contain animal products onto the property.

If children are staying (Birdhouse Cottage only), parents must follow all guidelines and saftey rules when visiting the sanctuary or meeting the animal residents.

Many thanks.

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New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! http://store.piebird.org/ -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!



"Turkeys are Poets" placemat

DOWNLOAD & print our "Turkeys are Poets" celebratory placemat to inspire your friends around the table to fall in love with turkeys. www.veganlove.ca/turkey

turkeys are poets


The sanctuary buildings

We're doing a little fundraiser right now to build a new house for the turkey friends. See: www.veganlove.ca/turkey

Piebird farm sanctuary buildings

Turkey baby has a Chicken Mom!

Umber (chicken-mom) & Merl (turkey-baby) have a beautiful relationship, showing us humans that love has no bounds of species. Read their beautiful story: www.piebird.org/chickenmom

turkey baby being raised by a chicken mom


Looking for more pics?

Instagram: @piebird_farm_sanctuary

piebird farm sanctuary ontario