The Main Guesthouse @ Piebird Vegan Farmstay

Enjoy a calm awakening in a peaceful place. With ornately embossed tin walls and ceilings throughout, the Main Guesthouse exudes a delightful mix of rustic elegance and a nostalgic warmth that is comforting in its familiarity.

You'll just love the feel of the place! The vibe is kind of Victorian beatnik, or like if your Grandma was an activist hippie (?) — a combination of apple pies, lentil stew and an apron-pocket full of granola & animal liberation pamphlets.

Main Guesthouse Guesthouse / Bed & Breakfast
Main Guesthouse

From $195/night -- Includes breakfast -- The main room is rented with the bathroom as a private en suite but there are two other rooms available if you decide to bring along some friends to experience Piebird with (be sure to select additional rooms during the online booking process).

If you are travelling with children, Piebird's Birdhouse Cottage is more suitable for families.

Starting From $ 195 Per Night

Select a Check-in and Check-out Date (two night minimum)

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Perennial Peace

Relax in the evening in an 1870's oak-rimmed claw-foot bathtub — have you ever had a soak in such a vessel? We suspect it's a bit of a time machine that might leave you forgetting that such things as computers, cubicles or conundrums exist. Let the indisputable charisma of this elegant antique cottage enable you to forget about tomorrow and live in a simpler today.

All rooms are furnished with antiques and heirlooms from a bygone era. Original waxed and wonky wood floors whisper welcome to the slow pace of country life and their patina reminds us of everybody who has walked them before us.

Goats rescued from the dairy industry have tap-danced on the hardwood. Turkeys who escaped industry doom have warmed their persons on a human lap beside the fire. Chickens, freed from egg-farm cages have knocked on the door for snacks.

There is semi-private pantry kitchen area for you to prepare vegan meals for yourself too, for the meals we aren't preparing or sharing with you. You can eat in the dining room or parlour, on the veranda or picnic out in the yard. Since Yan and I live in a suite we built on the back of the house, we do sometimes go into the pantry kitchen to retrieve something from our supply of grains and herbs. It's super having our own suite because it gives everyone privacy--we are close enough should you need us but far enough to allow the space you might want. Come visit soon! Love, Sherry & Yan

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vegan vacation
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Piebird Vegan Farmstay - Guesthouse

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!



"Turkeys are Poets" placemat

DOWNLOAD & print our "Turkeys are Poets" celebratory placemat to inspire your friends around the table to fall in love with turkeys.

turkeys are poets


The sanctuary buildings

We're doing a little fundraiser right now to build a new house for the turkey friends. See:

Piebird farm sanctuary buildings