Piebird Vegan Farmstay

(2019 Bookings, from mid-May to September) Piebird is a peaceful place to recharge and be inspired. Bring a couple of friends and come be a part of the love! This year we'll be celebrating 14 years ...there is so much to share with you! Book your stay in the cozy Birdhouse Cottage -- the Birdhouse Cottage is private, spacious and full of goodness! It's nestled between the woods and the pasture for the goat-friends.

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The Birdhouse Cottage

Set-back amongst ancient pines, the bright and sunny Birdhouse Cottage feels like a forest-home. With all of the essential amenities of life, but with a simplicity that leaves room for the essence of life itself.

Book online or call 705 724-1144

Come be a part of the love! MORE INFO / BOOK NOW >


When you explore down the hill behind the cottage, you'll find the funky hand built sauna and a well-loved canoe by the creek. From there, a tamarack boardwalk weaves it's way through the forest, leading eventually to the common-house.  The Birdhouse Cottage has it's own laneway in from the road, past the pastures and back to the big pines at the back of the property. It's very private and very you!

This past Summer, Piebird celebrated 13 years of being a vegan agri-tourism destination for loving people like you and a happy home for animal-friends!

After all these years we are feeling very grateful for all the wonderful humans who have come stayed, and added to the love that lives here.

We really appreciate the support and the kindness. This has allowed us to grow first into a vegan agri-tourism destination (to be a voice in the food revolution) -- and then grow into a farm sanctuary to live in service to animal-persons.


Piebird is in Ontario. We're in Nipissing, nestled between the South River and Beatty Creek, which together flow into Lake Nipissing (a short paddle downstream). Read more >

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Peace in a perfect place

Simple Beauty. Earthly Living. Vegan Love. Imagine yourself here, where kind people come and be happy.

Feel an uncushioned connection to the earth. Stroll around the gardens, barefoot and by yourself, asking simple questions and receiving strong answers. Befriend beautiful furry or feathered sanctuary-residents and share a smile in a sunbeam. Be inspired. Be yourself.

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The inspiration of a Farmstay at a Vegan Farm Sanctuary

Every stay at Piebird is a FarmStay. Since we started in 2005, Piebird has been a vegan agritourism destination, and leaders in the food revolution. Growing food for ten years naturally led Piebird itself to grow organically! Now, everything that Piebird does is to support the animals here in sanctuary, and you get to be a part of that love by coming for a FarmStay.

Getting back to the land is the perfect getaway, but farmstays are really about people getting back to themselves and getting back to what's real. The quietness, beauty & love of farm sanctuary life fosters reflection and introspection. Loving animals teaches us about love itself. Harvesting greens for dinner and digging sun-roots isn't the kind of thing we could put on a glossy vacation brochure. At Piebird, our "pristine white sand beaches" just happen to be rows of rich soil -- and these garden paths will lead you to things greater than beets and to things deeper than carrots.

The major historical drift of farmfolk to the big city now seems erroneous to us all. But we can return and do things better. What greater joy is there than to be reassured that humans can love animals rather than exploit them. What greater joy is there than to be reassured that we can again learn to feed ourselves sustainably! A farm is something that reaches past its own fences and is part of the community. Guests to Piebird invariably bring the farm and sanctuary home with them when they leave: more bountiful than any basket of veggies is the inspiration about sustainable living that is loving to all lives. That's the sort of thing one learns when the vacation is a farmstay, a renewed inspiration and connection to the land and to love.


The simplicity of a vegan farm is another attraction: Here, days revolve around trips to the barn to kiss goat-friends, complementing chickens, pulling turnips & plucking tomatoes, and of course the fabulous homegrown vegan (true vegetarian) meals in our century-old dining-room (meals available by advanced reservation if our schedule allows).

For some folks, nostalgia is the reason they choose a farm sanctuary vacation -- to get back in touch with something they remember, or maybe something they wish they could remember. Watch for it, that sense of nostalgia is often urging us toward something that is necessary. A life close to the land and in respect to all lives feels familiar, it feels right. Come and experience the emerging progressive farm sanctuary culture with a farmstay at Piebird.

The realization that this is a getaway unlike any you have ever had will dawn early, probably while sitting down to your first meal here at Piebird.

Food of course is an important part of the experience of a farmstay. We love just being around great vegan food! Growing food is hungry work after all, and food becomes both the product and the reward! After the happiness we share with the sanctuary residents, the vegan food is what we celebrate most here at Piebird.

Our practices of growing food are modeled after the cycles of nature in every way (we grow using a true vegan approach), but perhaps the most significant element of nature we try to emulate is it's inspiration -- that same awe-inspiring feeling you'll get by hiking through the woods here, or paddling up the river, you'll feel when the land is under your feet. Piebird is a Happy Place!

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! http://store.piebird.org/ -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!