Piebird PICNIC + Garden Concert 2017

Saturday August 12th at Piebird Farm Sanctuary

in Nipissing, Ontario

Piebird Picnic 2017

Featuring music by:


Byron Bay, Australia -- "Mapstone’s conscious heart root’s music is infectious to the soul, uplifting and leaves you calling for more. Full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit, this is a musician on a mission with enough heart to see it through. Do a favour and experience this musical medicine."

Mapstone Piebird Picnic 2017


Barbados/Canada -- "Sync your mind, move your body and satisfy your soul with Jsun’s music. With funky, strummy reggae rhythms, chilled-out drum grooves and a sunny acoustic sound, J’s solo and collaborative flows will take you on a journey to the places that uplift/calm you. J comes with conscious lyrics over mellow rhythms. A positive message of our unity and love is present." www.jmusic.ca

J Sun Piebird Picnic 2017


Advanced: $20 / At Gate: $25 (The annual Piebird Picnic supports animal liberation at Piebird Farm Sanctuary)

ONLINE: via Piebird's online store: store.piebird.org/veganlove/picnic2017

Get Your Tickets


  • Every Wednesday (10 to 2pm) at the Piebird Farm Sanctuary booth at the North Bay Farmer's Market
  • or pick up your tickets here at Piebird by calling ahead first: 705.724.1144

Piebird Picnic Garden Concert

About the 9th Annual Piebird Picnic


Saturday August 12th
Gates @ 4:30pm, Music @ 6pm (Until 9ish)


Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay -- See Map
113 Chapman's Landing Rd. Nipissing Village, Ontario
705.724.1144 -- www.piebird.org/sanctuary


Come picnic in the Piebird gardens! Some vegan fare will be available to purchase (light dinner fare and snacks available from 5 to 7pm) -- or bring your own compassionate & litter-less picnic supper!


The cottage and guesthouse here are all booked up that weekend, but if you are looking for local camping here then do get in touch and we can connect you: 705.724.1144 -- love@piebird.ca

What is it?

Come be a part of the peace! This year's Picnic celebrates 12 years of Piebird! Twelve years of creating community, animal advocacy, steering the food revolution & having simple, love-filled good times!

Bring blankets, shade coverings or whatever else you need to be comfortable and to have fun!

There is great swimming at the big dock at the end of the road (Chapman's Landing Rd), and a launch for putting in your canoe/kayak on the South River. So do make a day of it!

The annual Piebird Picnic supports the peacefully powered Animal Liberation here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary, where we give loving homes to the animal-persons in the Piebird family, and advocate on their behalf.

Questions? 705.724.1144 -- love@piebird.ca

* We are proud that our events are 100% community-funded. Sustainability starts with self-sufficiency, this is a core philosophy here at Piebird and natural that we apply it to our music and community events as well. By not receiving outside funding or grants we are encouraged to keep things simple and small. As a community we are all given a greater sense of being needed and belonging.

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