Bees in sanctuary on a vegan farm

bee hive design

We've been providing sanctuary for bee-friends for a couple years now -- it is important to us to provide freedom, independance and safety to honeybee colonies, and to advocate on their behalf. The other evening we heard another swarm of bees buzzing up high in a tree-branch -- the cluster was loitering as scouts were off looking for a place to build a home. A big storm was rolling in that would have been difficult for the unprotected swarm, so we quickly set up a new potential hive for them: a hollow-log with a funky peaked roof.

We climbed up the tree and cut off the branch the swarm was on and brought them to the new hive. The next day we saw that they had started to build, the home we set up for them was to their liking. Here they can live free and without human interferance, in sanctuary.

Many humans are wisely concerned about the health of the honeybee population. It feels important for us to be a voice in that conversation and communicate that a significate way to actually help bees is to not participate in their expliotation. Their honey belongs to them, and they need it as medicine to survive all of the hardships in this human-altered world.

Colony-sponsorship is avialable for the bee-friends who live here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary, contact us.

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