"Turkeys are Poets" placemat

DOWNLOAD & print our "Turkeys are Poets" celebratory placemat to inspire your friends around the table to fall in love with turkeys. www.veganlove.ca/turkey

turkeys are poets


The sanctuary buildings

We're doing a little fundraiser right now to build a new house for the turkey friends. See: www.veganlove.ca/turkey

Piebird farm sanctuary buildings


New Piebird merch

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! Store online soon, sign up to get word! Or email love@piebird.ca to order shirts, totes, prints or magnets -- all with art by Piebird's own Yan.


Turkey baby has a Chicken Mom!

Umber (chicken-mom) & Merl (turkey-baby) have a beautiful relationship, showing us humans that love has no bounds of species. Read their beautiful story: www.piebird.org/chickenmom

turkey baby being raised by a chicken mom


Looking for more pics?

Instagram: @piebird_farm_sanctuary

piebird farm sanctuary ontario