Organic Gardening Workshop - HOW TO GROW THE FOOD YOU EAT

Love the Earth, Dig the Dirt.

Piebird is the perfect place to regain a connection to your food. GROW YOUR OWN!
Sunday May 15th, 9-3, 2016 -- $75/single, $140/couple.

Quietly walk away from the grocery store, come for this workshop/intensive and then begin enjoying homegrown goodness. This is a hands-on organic gardening learning experience perfect for you whether a beginner gardener or an experienced grower wanting to explore more alternative organic gardening practices.

organic gardening workshopWhether you have a sunny patio, a currently-lawned front yard, or a 3 acre lot, this workshop will put you in control of your food future.
organic gardening workshop
A complete exposure to the dynamic world of organic gardening, including:
Connecting soil health with plant health and your own health
Integrated composting, compost teas and managing your soil using only on-site inputs
Putting biodiversity to work controlling insects, pests, disease and unwanted weeds
Learn the benefits of many weeds and observe the neighbourliness that makes companion planting become intuitive
Veganic organic gardening foundations and easy applications of theory, including space selecting, sod breaking, soil building, seeding, companions, dynamics, natural cycles, seed saving
Garden planning: what to plant, when to plant it and how
Use perennial foods as part of a permaculture garden
Seed starting, seed harvesting (our own open-pollenated heirlooms) and seed storage
Northern growing and simple season extension


Fit food growing into your day, utilizing natural cycles to save time
Inspiration to change your lifestyle so that food-growing becomes a priority
Demystify organics as easy, fun and necessary
Realize rewarding work is fun!
Employ interdependence within ecosystems and time-saving methods
Use seasonal, earthly, cosmic forces and biodynamics


Our zero-watering technique
Bringing nothing on-farm from off-site
Nourish the soil with plants rather than manures
& other avant-garde gardening practices...

how to gardenAs a participant you will leave inspired and fully equipped with the knowledge to be growing a significant amount of your own food. Gain a richer understanding of how to successfully and easily manage an organic vegetable garden to be growing the food that you and your family eat -- & have fun while doing it!

Enjoy an inspiring and educational retreat up here at Piebird and fill your head with everything you need to be growing your own food.
Look out your window and see where your food was grown. Become food independent. Be nourished. Enjoy life at its richest!

Small Group Learning (there will be a few scheduled dates in 2016 contact us if interested This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):
(single): $75
(two of you): $140

Custom Workshop (custom dates, pending availability):
for availability and custom workshop prices contact us
Prices do not include accommodation.

Workshop is taught by Yan (above) of Piebird and Soggy Creek Seed Co.

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