Piebird Farm Sanctuary

At Piebird Farm Sanctuary, we provide loving, lifetime sanctuary to those we can reach, so that they can live their lives in a peaceful home where they can play, explore, be cherished, loved and properly cared for -- like all sentient beings should, regardless of species, age, gender or breed.

You can find out more about supporting the sanctuary at the Piebird Farm Sanctuary site: piebird.ca/sanctuary/giving.html

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Visit the sanctuary

The best way to visit is to either come and stay or attend one of our monthly sanctuary tours. Sign up to our email list to be alerted of the scedule.

(If you live far, far away, you can catch up with the friends online: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter )



Interested in volunteering regularly at the sanctuary? Contact us


Residency Experience

This is our second year of offering a unique opportunity for the perfect applicant(s) to participate in the good life here and to turn their values of compassion into hands-on experience. See: http://piebird.ca/intern -- Please also see our Residency Experience letter: http://piebird.org/sanctuary/residency/


Sanctuary Partners

We're ready to expand and maybe you'll be part of it! Have you been thinking of starting a sanctuary of your own? The best way for us to expand the number of animal-friends the sanctuary can be a home for is to expand the number of human care-givers who live here. Contact us -- Also see Peacebird Animal Liberation Cooperative

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Sanctuary smiles

The world needs hope and love. Everybody knows about the plight of farmed animals, but the unessential horrors continue. From small farms to large industrial operations, what the animals experience is extreme. This uncouthness is largely unseen by the public. Farm animals are hidden away in sheds and factories, out of sight. That is why we are a farm sanctuary, to live love loudly — to celebrate each individual.

With exponential growth, more and more humans are feeling that we have to change the way society views and treats animals. As a farm sanctuary, we help inspire that change. We help animal-friends by providing them loving sanctuary and promoting respect for all animals as feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion and kindness, living free from fear and suffering. We help humans act on their kindness by inspiring them adopting a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

Like the pets that humans love, every animal is an individual with lots to celebrate. But on farms, they are treated like commodities at best. They are confined, crowded, stressed and abused. Their bodies are violated. They see only the worst of humanity. All the lives that share this earth with us want kindness, respect and love. They are here with us and not for us. The things that are done to farm animals simply should not be done to anybody. Those childhood images of happy animals living on sunny, idyllic farms couldn’t be further from reality.

We believe that humans can indeed be loving & peaceful. We use the language of lifestyle to share a new connection to animal-friends.

We’re grateful to witness inter-species friendships that help inspire humans to make choices that are more in-line with their own good values. Little by little, the world gets a bit more peaceful. Happiness grows and the smiles stay.

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Share your love, support the sanctuary

Donations and sponsorships are always appreciated to help support the sanctuary work we do here. Donations directly support feeding, health care, 24 hour care of new intakes, as well as our outreach advocacy & sanctuary expansion.

Giving: www.piebird.ca/sanctuary/giving.html


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New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! http://store.piebird.org/ -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!