Events 2019

vegan cooking class

Vegan Cooking Basics 

Saturday May 11th, 11 to 2 -- $49

veganic gardening workshop


Sun May 19th or Sun June 2nd

A complete exposure to the dynamic world of organic gardening

  • Organic gardening foundations, site selection, sod breaking, soil building...
  • Our zero-watering approach
  • Integrated composting, compost teas and managing your soil using only on-site inputs
  • Nourish the soil with plants rather than manures
  • Learn the benefits of many weeds and make companion planting intuitive Seed starting, seed saving and seed storage
  • Use perennial foods as part of a permaculture garden
  • Connecting soil health with plant health & your health
  • Employ interdependence within ecosystems; putting biodiversity to work controlling insects, pests, disease and unwanted weeds
  • Use seasonal, earthly, further forces & biodynamics
  • Inspiration to change your lifestyle so that growing food becomes a priority
  • & other avant-garde gardening practices...



Other Events

Sunday April 28th   10 to 1pm
Community breakfast supporting animals and promoting Peace!

Piebird Picnic

Sunday August 4th, 2019
10th Annual Piebird Picnic! See:


Other Workshops

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Compassionate Communication Workshop

Creative  Activism Workshop

Monthly Vegan Meet-up

Terms and Conditions

Please note: Since the overnight accomodation supports the sanctuary residents, all payments are non refundable unless otherwise noted.

In respect for the sanctuary residents, the guest agrees to not bring any food items that contain animal products onto the property.

If children are staying (Birdhouse Cottage only), parents must follow all guidelines and saftey rules when visiting the sanctuary or meeting the animal residents.

Many thanks.

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!



The sanctuary buildings

We're doing a little fundraiser right now to build a new house for the turkey friends. See:

Piebird farm sanctuary buildings