This Summer, Piebird celebrates 12 years of being a vegan agri-tourism destination for loving people like you and a happy home for animal-friends!

Join us for our annual Piebird Picnic & Garden Concert -- Sat August 12th --

After twelve years we are feeling very grateful for all the wonderful humans who have come stayed, and added to the love that lives here. 

We really appreciate the support and the kindness communicated. This has allowed us to grow first into a vegan agri-tourism destination (and be a voice in the food revolution) -- and then grow into a farm sanctuary too (and be an effective voice for animals). 

Everything Piebird does is a celebration: a celebration of animal-friends, a celebration of real food, a celebration of the resilience of community, a celebration of standing up against uncouthness, and a celebration of the Earth. Come be a part of this celebration, come be a part of the Peace that is Piebird.

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New: online booking

We really love connecting with future guests over the often-comical and always loving correspondence they send, but now you can book your Piebird stay online if you wish!

Of course, you can still just get in touch with us to start planning your Piebird visit. (BTW, any mail the sanctuary-residents receive always brings a smile to their faces!)

Rates start at $165 for the Birdhouse Cottage and $195 for the Main Guesthouse / B&B. Learn more about each.

(Two night minimum. Rates based on double occupancy. Special rates may be available for longer stays or special parties, contact us)

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!



"Turkeys are Poets" placemat

DOWNLOAD & print our "Turkeys are Poets" celebratory placemat to inspire your friends around the table to fall in love with turkeys.

turkeys are poets


The sanctuary buildings

We're doing a little fundraiser right now to build a new house for the turkey friends. See:

Piebird farm sanctuary buildings