About Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Piebird is an independent farm sanctuary and vegan education hub in Nipissing, Ontario. Since 2005, our mission is to inspire change in human attitudes towards other animals and inspire action to make the world a better place for all.

We aim to help bring about the revolutionary shift in social consciousness to transform a culture of violence and oppression to one of nonviolence and liberation.

Outside of the spheres of animal rights, both Sherry and Yan steer the sanctuary in engaging with other intersecting circles of social justice and Earth liberation: food justice, water rights, climate justice, empowering marginalized communities, etc. We recognize that all entanglements of oppression and liberation are related.

With the sanctuary as our heart, we use that perspective of being-of-service to guide our outreach: creative activism workshops, community organizing and mobilizing, vegan education via cooking workshops, food sovereignty (veganic gardening education and a heirloom seed provider).

We believe in a world where all individuals of all species can flourish, free from exploitation.

What is a Farm Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is an act of revolutionary hope.

We provide a loving home to animal-persons who have previously been exploited as "farmed animals”. Here in sanctuary, individuals are uplifted into liberation, celebrated for who they are and not used for product or exploited for their bodies. To us, sanctuary is a safe place for expression of peace, ideas of justice and actions of equality for all beings.

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Over these last 14 years of sanctuary, we’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the dangers of the human gaze in the use of photography to represent animal-persons. In our visual culture, rarely are animal-persons presented with dignity. They are routinely represented as comedy, perpetual victims, or simply fetishized as objects (think of the internet’s fetish for "cute goat pics"). This representation contributes to their invisibleness rather than uplifting the identity of individuals. The animal-person is yet again rendered vulnerable, free for the taking, in whatever way the human viewer chooses. This of course reiterates the culture of animal exploitation. Even using their photo representation for advocacy or for soliciting sanctuary support is "use" and therefore problematic.

As a sanctuary we have tried for several years to represent the friends who live here with integrity and dignity (like below). It has been especially important to us to visually show everyone here living in beautiful homes (not "sheds" or "barns"), surrounded by gardens and beauty. But simply, the practice of consuming visual culture ensures an unequal relationship between the viewed and the viewee. Not to mention, we don’t have their consent.

Thus, going forward, we are exploring the solution of no longer taking photos of the animal-persons who live here in sanctuary, and no longer posting existing images to social media. We have discussed more perspective about this conclusion in some recent speaking engagements and if your group is interested, please get in touch.